What a week!!

It’s been an epic week.

Monday – the calm before the storm.

Tuesday – Gem’s 8-12 month check with a health visitor.

This experience was so ridiculously horrendous. I tweeted using #rage after it.

Not only did I get asked dumb questions like if I played Peakaboo with my child, the lady doing the check noted that because Gem wasn’t clapping and was only doing the belly shuffle as opposed to fully crawling, she was behind in her development.

Post on this to follow shortly.

Wednesday morning – first swimming class with Gem where she cries for the entire half hour duration of the class. She works herself up to the point where she throws up her breakfast.

Wednesday evening – Gem starts to clap on her changing table. She laughs when she sees how excited I am.

Thursday – The lawyers for our house purchase have no records of part of our deposit and stamp duty. They seem to have lost our funds.

We are due to complete tomorrow.

Are they for real?

After a more thorough search using reference numbers, they manage to track the missing funds down.

Phew! We can now complete.

Friday – We get the keys to our new digs. We drink champagne to celebrate our new life in North Herts.


Saturday – Gem develops her clapping through out the week.

She’s so amazed by her new skill and ❤Throb and I watch her on the monitor clapping away when she wakes up.

All in all an epic week.

I’m shattered and happy.


Magic Moment – 3 June 2013

My magic moment involves a full circle experience I had last week.

I talk so much about my book club on this blog (at least I think I do). As such I thought it would be cool to tell you about meeting the author of our last read titled Ghana must go.

Ms Taiye Selasi has written this wonderful cross-generational book that spans continents and looks at family disfunction in a very poetic and interesting way.

A few of us from the book club were fortunate enough to go to this Waterstones event where she read a few excerpts from the book, did an intimate Q&A session (where we told her about our book club) and a book signing as well.

She was witty, confident and even with her having someone like Toni Morrison (who I adore) as a personal mentor, she definitely came across as the kind of girl you would want to have in your clique.

It was a magic moment for me because it is not every day I get to meet the author of a book that not only inspired fantastic conversation at our last book club dinner but also covered key issues like child sex abuse, disfunction in black families and much more.

You should check it out if you’re into any of the themes I mention above. If you don’t believe me, check out this review here.

Taiye Selasi above

my signed book


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Parisian weekend / A new equilibrium

Last weekend I had a fabulous girly time in Paris.


❤Throb was at a stag do in Edinburgh so we were both doing the hang-out-with-friends for the weekend thing.

It was hardcore getting there with tonnes of traffic on the Friday before the bank holiday as I dropped Gem off at her Grandma’s in Coventry.

As I unloaded the car in Cov with all Gem’s stuff, two hours to my flight time, I thought to myself:

a) I’m never going to make the flight


b) I’m pretty stressed out after being in the car for over 3 hours doing a journey that normally takes 1.5 hours. Is this worth it?

c) Should I just hang out with my Mum and Gem instead?

d) Isn’t a girly weekend a thing of the past? Am I not too old to let my hair down this much?

My postponed cab eventually arrived and I had to be hurriedly fast-tracked through Birmingham Airport security because my flight was on “final call”.

It was all so quick that I had little or no time to remember my dreams of arriving early to enjoy a pre-boarding alcoholic beverage and dinner.

By 11pm, I made it to Paris as exhausted as ever.

Chatting with Ms S until 2am over cold pizza and a bottle of red wine however made up for lost dreams.

The next day, we indulged in the best almond croissants, brioche and a general all-in-all carb fest as we scrolled through interior design websites like houzz for hours looking for house design ideas – she for her new tropical relocation and me for my new Herts digs.

Girly dinner followed by clubbing was fabulous.

I tell you something though – slumming it in flat shoes for the past 11 or so months on maternity leave made going out in heels pretty treacherous on my poor ankles and I made a decision to try to wear heels at least once a week or I’d have to be wheeled in if I left it until I returned to work in August.

I’ll say for sure though that as the weekend progressed, regardless of how much fun I was having, I seemed to get more and more anxious about not being with Gem. Not sure if it was anxiety or guilt or worry. A part of me is starting to believe that this might be the new equilibrium as a mum – missing my child the longer I’ve been away from her and then worrying until I see her again.

Final stop at the Patisserie below on the way to the airport for that all important Paris-Brest – a French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream.


I did have a blast and was refreshed and renewed when I picked Gem up from her Grandma and when I saw ❤Throb back in London.

A fabulous girly weekend, worth all the effort and one I’ll remember for a while to come.


Magic moment – 20 May 2013

I’ll start this post off by declaring blatantly that I’m not a celebrity stalker.

Magic Moment 1

Last Saturday after brunch on East Finchley High Road, ❤Throb, Gem and I are walking down the road.

We see Michelle Collins of Corrie – back in the day also in Eastenders, walking her dog. ❤Throb points her out, I excitedly smile at her. She smiles back.


Magic Moment 2

Also on Saturday, ❤Throb go out on our new compulsory monthly date night – a post holiday / anniversary action point that we intend to carry out religiously each month as long as we can get someone to babysit Gem.

After dinner at our favourite sushi joint, ❤Throb and I wandered around Golders Green looking for where to have a few drinks.

Unless you want a late night bagel, Golders Green isn’t geared up for having a cocktail or two. As such, we took the tube one stop to Hampstead, ended up in a pub to see that they had Eurovision on.

Who do we see right in front of the telly in salute to Bonnie – none other than the fabulous Gok Wan.

He was extremely down to earth and really created a lot of ambience in the pub.


It was fabulous to get the night off to hang out with ❤Throb but extra special to bump into two celebs at the start and the end of the day that seemed rather down to earth.

Although it might not be obvious, I promise you that I really am not a celeb stalker.


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Box set love

Apparently, 25% of co-habiting couples spend three evenings each week in separate rooms watching different programs.

I’m not a keen Daily Mail reader but this article made me think about my own relationship and telly watching habits.

❤Throb will not sit through an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show – fact! I on the other hand won’t sit through an episode of The Keiser Report on Russia Today and this is also fact. Mr Keiser loudly slagging of financial ideologies of Ben Bernanke (chair of the US federal reserve) and George Osborne just does nothing for me from
an entertainment perspective.

We do like different things when it comes to telly. As such, one way round us sitting in different rooms with me catching up on the Voice while he watching Russia Today is through our love of watching box sets together.

❤Throb and I are crazy about shows that involve violence layered with multidimensional characters so that’s why we are obsessed with The Kadarshians.

I got you there, didn’t I!

On a serious note – we do love the Kadarshians but that’s not what I was on about.

Our love for certain shows has taken us from the crazy streets of Baltimore with The Wire through to the exhilarating shores of Atlantic City watching Boardwalk Empire.

After watching an episode of these types of shows you’ll usually find us dissecting the entire plot.

Even without the mafia and drugs, we are into the 1960s complicated New York lives of Don Draper, Pete Campbell, Peggy Olson of Mad Men.

I’ve heard it said that credible award-winning tv shows of nowadays can’t be watched with you multitasking. They are selfish in the sense that they require your 100% undivided attention with your brain well and truly in gear.

The characters are both heroes and villains and so quite tough to pigeon hole and this to me shows the complex and multifaceted nature of the human condition.

At the moment our ultimate show is Breaking Bad and I believe that this is the kind of show that brings couples together in a way that only other box set lovers will relate to.

Watching Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooking methamphetamine on Breaking Bad saw us through those early months when Gem was younger and we were just plain exhausted.

To end this post, I thought I’d set out our five favourite box sets of all time, in no particular order:

1) The Sopranos
2) The Wire
3) Breaking Bad
4) Mad Men
5) Boardwalk Empire


ps. Writing this post has started to give me a brief understanding of why some of my friends call me a telly addict. It really wasn’t obvious until now. Oh well!!

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