A royal new mum

For the first time Kate Middleton seemed nervous.

Through the engagement, the wedding, she seemed totally relaxed and in control.

However, being a first time mum is tough and being a first time mum in front of the world’s media is an experience I cannot fathom with my little brain.

Her hair was nicely blow-dried with makeup on in a lovely custom-made Jenny Packham dress so definitely royal on that front as most ‘normal’ new mothers coming out of hospital struggle to include having a shower in their discharge plan.

Despite all this, apart from her being happy to show off her new-mum-belly, the thing that made her seem really normal – like most new mums – was watching her holding her child on those steps. She was smiling but she held on to him nervously as the world’s media snapped away.

Bringing Gem home was one of my most overwhelming and vulnerable experiences and I remember biting ❤Throb’s head off because I got home to find he’d washed her clothes that he’d taken from the hospital the day before in the same load with his clothes. It was an emotional time with feelings of inadequacy and I wanted it all to be perfect, which didn’t involve our daughter’s first clothes being washed with her parent’s clothes.

That has all subsequently changed and perfection is lower down on my to-do list (❤Throb might disagree with this). However, I was able to develop and grow as a new mother in our corner of North London and not on CNN or BBC news with 24 hour coverage.

I wish them every success and I hope they can enjoy the birth of their son in peace without the intensity of the world watching their every move.

Gem on arrival home from the hospital.


Letter to my one-year old Gem

My darling daughter

I can’t believe you’re one today.


Such a year it’s been.

You are:
– a miracle
– chatty, making the funniest noises ever
– stunning
– very sociable
– crawling
– clapping
– doing great at your nursery settling in sessions so far
– loving more space in our new home
– keen on feeding yourself without my help these days
– determined
– an adorable child

It sometimes feels like I have my heart crawling around in another human being so I worry a lot.

I do know that having you has shown me a love that is so powerful and strong and it is beyond my comprehension.

You are our life, the reason your Dad and I exist and you are the shining Gem in our lives.

Love you now and forever more darling.




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What is the point of Ms Hopkins?

She’s been at it again this week. This time saying she wouldn’t her kids hanging out with kids with certain names.

Why do we let this woman make a career from saying such nonsense?!


Last night, I was riled by my DAB radio.

I’m sitting here minding my business when I hear on LBC that Katie Hopkins – of Apprentice and I’m a celebrity fame, pictured below – is coming on the radio to talk about Vince Cable’s idea of getting more women on to company boards.


At this point, I know I should switch the radio off and focus on getting Gem to bed as opposed to listening to this woman who has annoyed me a few times in the past see this old post here.

Because I’m addicted to talk radio at the moment, I leave the radio on as I give Gem her bath.

This woman proceeds to raise a few points set out below:

– There’s no glass ceiling for women in the workplace
– The old boys’ network is something to aspire to be in because it…

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New Herts Life and more

Project Abode – the commencement of life in Hertfordshire – has officially taken over our lives.

We have finally completed on our house and the renovation project is in full swing.

For those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember this post here about tips on looking for a family home.

Well, we did use tip 9 in the post stated above and did compromise on some bits in the end – for instance I’ve not put an order in for an Aga just yet.

We do however love the place. Therefore, sourcing furniture and thinking through decorating plans is exciting and has given me that additional feel of purpose in the run up to the end of my maternity leave.

Thanks to my indecision, we’ve changed the colour scheme a few times but I’m now happy with where we are and you can see the range of testers in pictures below.

I’ve had to still keep on top of playgroups with Gem who is doing loads of growing up at the moment – attempting to crawl down stairs, waving, clapping, crossing fingers, the works and we’ve progressed in swimming classes.

I will continue to keep you informed of how things are developing on the Herts life front – packing up life in London, decorating etc.

Some other interesting developments since my last proper post:

1) Date to go back to work has been agreed as 12th of August.

I’ll be fully on the Dolly Parton 9-to-5 vibe from then and although it’ll be great to earn money again, I will miss hanging out with Gem immensely.

2) I wrote a formal complaint letter to my local child health visiting team because I felt the service was so bad the last time I saw them with Gem and it was not supporting local mums positively. My letter has been acknowledged so I’ll keep you informed of updates in due course.

3) Date night with ❤Throb to see a play called Race at the Hampstead Theatre. Clarke Peters (Lester Freamon in The Wire) was one of the leads and as ❤Throb and I love the man it was fab to see him on the stage.

I’d recommend it as it really shows the impact of racism flipped on it’s head and does this in a fresh way. It definitely opened my eyes on how the majority could easily be subjects of racism from the minority.

Check out this Sunday Times review

Better get back to bubble wrap and moving boxes.


Ideas for hallway colours


Dining room feature wall ideas


Additional inspiration


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