Anniversary celebrations – Olympic style

Happy Monday. Yesterday, Gem, ❤Throb and I spent the day at the Olympic park watching the 2012 Paralympic stars shine once again in such an amazing setting. I got these Olympic anniversary tickets to celebrate our own one year of being married and it turned out to be a wonderful family outing. Gem was stunned […]

Magic moment – 20 May 2013

I’ll start this post off by declaring blatantly that I’m not a celebrity stalker. Magic Moment 1 Last Saturday after brunch on East Finchley High Road, ❤Throb, Gem and I are walking down the road. We see Michelle Collins of Corrie – back in the day also in Eastenders, walking her dog. ❤Throb points her […]

Magic moment – 13 May 2013

An excerpt from a conversation ❤Throb and I had yesterday. Me: It’s time for bed my darling Gem. Say goodnight to Daddy. [❤Throb waves] ❤Throb: Goodnight Gem. [A few seconds later] ❤Throb: OMG she’s waving back at me. Me: Oh don’t be silly she’s not waving hon. ❤Throb: She definitely is waving. ❤Throb runs towards […]

Magic Moment – 6 May 2013

This week my Magic Moment happened yesterday evening and involved the following three elements – My Family, Funky Dancing and Daft Punk. Hearing a child belly laugh is magic in itself. Hearing my Gem belly laugh makes my heart sing and there’s no such thing as a bad moment when she’s in full laugh mode […]

Magic moments – 25 March 2013

I’m not feeling very magical this morning – Gem has a cold, cried for a good while last night and is showing intense signs of separation anxiety. In other words, I’m not feeling on my a-game this morning. As such, I’ve only got enough energy to scroll through old photos and this one reminded me […]

My first linky – yippee!! – first magic moment

Thanks to Jaime Oliver of Oliver’s madhouse I’m taking part in my first linky called Magic Moments. So I started thinking about magic moments and what came to me was taking Gem to the cinema for the first time. It was the early days. Gem would scream non-stop from 7pm until 10.30 or 11. It […]