Back to the land of work – pros & cons

Dear Lovely Reader It’s been a minute as I’ve not written a post in a while. Things have been quite busy and project abode seems to have taken over every waking minute. Check out pictures of Gem’s room here. Gem started nursery and loves it. I dropped her off one day and she hit the […]

Parisian weekend / A new equilibrium

Last weekend I had a fabulous girly time in Paris. ‚̧Throb was at a stag do in Edinburgh so we were both doing the hang-out-with-friends for the weekend thing. It was hardcore getting there with tonnes of traffic on the Friday before the bank holiday as I dropped Gem off at her Grandma’s in Coventry. […]

Over 365 days of ticking the married box

We’ve been away on holiday and so between getting stressed out about (oops sorry, preparing) for our first trip as a family I’ve not blogged for a while – definitely my longest blogging break. We were away celebrating our wedding anniversary and the day was wonderful with tonnes of nice surprises. The holiday itself was […]

Living life like it’s golden

Between dealing with Gem having a cold (that arrived in the form of separation anxiety), going away for the Easter break, sheer exhaustion from cold that Gem passed to me and watching back to back episodes of Breaking Bad Season 4, I’ve not prioritised my blogging. However, I’m back and hoping to be fully on […]