Back to the land of work – pros & cons

Dear Lovely Reader It’s been a minute as I’ve not written a post in a while. Things have been quite busy and project abode seems to have taken over every waking minute. Check out pictures of Gem’s room here. Gem started nursery and loves it. I dropped her off one day and she hit the […]

Box set love

Apparently, 25% of co-habiting couples spend three evenings each week in separate rooms watching different programs. I’m not a keen Daily Mail reader but this article made me think about my own relationship and telly watching habits. ❤Throb will not sit through an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show – fact! I on the other […]

Over 365 days of ticking the married box

We’ve been away on holiday and so between getting stressed out about (oops sorry, preparing) for our first trip as a family I’ve not blogged for a while – definitely my longest blogging break. We were away celebrating our wedding anniversary and the day was wonderful with tonnes of nice surprises. The holiday itself was […]

Gratitude list – no 2

By the end of last week, I definitely fell off the positivity wagon – no doubt about that. See Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child. So starting again on this positivity journey, today’s items I’m thankful for: 1) Gem’s cute little Jojo Maman Bebe woollie dress. I’ve been waiting for single digit temperatures […]

Gratitude List – no 1

I’ve been in this glass half-empty funk recently – focusing on the not-so-positive things going on in my life. I then found out about and got inspired by the following fellow mummy blogger, thisdayilove who blogs about what she loves each day – definitely more of a half-full kind of mentality. As such, I’m looking […]

10 things that have kept me sane as a new Mum

In addition to a supportive ❤Throb, in no particular order of preference, the following items have ensured a sane version of ‘me’ walks around the streets of North London since the arrival of my Gem of a daughter: 1) Talk radio – LBC’s James O’Brien, BBC London’s Vanessa Feltz and Woman’s Hour. A great way […]