The magic of working

It’s Monday and I’m going to work. Yippee!! I get on the train to work and I think – Wow I’ve got some me-time here. I watch my downloads, I listen to music, I read. It’s my thing, it’s my time! Yippee! A break from cleaning up Gem’s highchair, mopping floors after Gem’s food-throwing sessions, […]

Ice-cream partying

With being back at work, I’ve not been able to put a post out for a while. We’ve had a lot going on with Gem over the last few weeks. We have started the early states of potty training and she seems to be enjoying participating in potty-like activities. In addition, Gem has discovered car […]

Back to the land of work – pros & cons

Dear Lovely Reader It’s been a minute as I’ve not written a post in a while. Things have been quite busy and project abode seems to have taken over every waking minute. Check out pictures of Gem’s room here. Gem started nursery and loves it. I dropped her off one day and she hit the […]

Anniversary celebrations – Olympic style

Happy Monday. Yesterday, Gem, ❤Throb and I spent the day at the Olympic park watching the 2012 Paralympic stars shine once again in such an amazing setting. I got these Olympic anniversary tickets to celebrate our own one year of being married and it turned out to be a wonderful family outing. Gem was stunned […]

A royal new mum

For the first time Kate Middleton seemed nervous. Through the engagement, the wedding, she seemed totally relaxed and in control. However, being a first time mum is tough and being a first time mum in front of the world’s media is an experience I cannot fathom with my little brain. Her hair was nicely blow-dried […]

Letter to my one-year old Gem

My darling daughter I can’t believe you’re one today. Wow!! Such a year it’s been. You are: – a miracle – chatty, making the funniest noises ever – stunning – very sociable – crawling – clapping – doing great at your nursery settling in sessions so far – loving more space in our new home […]