Focusing less on me / WLB challenge

When I focus on Gem – her needs, her growth and her happiness, I am a better mother. When I focus on me, my needs, my wants I tend to struggle to be the best mother I can be.

The same goes for focusing on Throb.

There’s something about love that asks for more focus on the other person and less on you.

I’ve been in a place stressing about work (see my last post) and when I’m in that place, I cannot focus on the joys of being a parent or of being a wife.

I don’t want to be so busy at work where I end up only being able to do things in a mediocre way – there at work and also at home. I’m not convinced that that’s what life is about. I want to channel by energy so I’m not constantly stressing and giving my family my emotional leftovers.

I want to provide her with some of the comforts that I didn’t have as a child and at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on being present in my role as a mum to her.

I realised this last weekend that focusing on her also makes it a bit easier to focus on doing well at work and/or self-improvement. Not only do I want Gem to see me as a role model but, there is no performance objective that beats the innate desire to provide for one’s child.

The challenge is doing well at work /self-improvement, whilst still being able to be there 100% for Gem – that is the work-life-balance (WLB) challenge.


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