There must be more

As I write this I’m on the 6.39am train to kings cross and I’m shattered.

Gem had a viral throat infection over the weekend so with her having temperature just shy of 39 degrees Celsius, you can understand that I would pay for 8 hours of sleep right now.

But I’ve got to prove myself on a pitch for a secondment at 8am and disappointing people left right and centre on other projects I’m on because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all I’ve got to do.

On one project, trying to motivate a dysfunctional team to do the work they are paid to do is draining me at the moment. On another project, the unnecessary politics and the fact that the two girls I love working with on it are on mat leave soon is frustrating as I will miss them much.

On a positive note, I’m all booked for my Thai cookery course at The Cooking Academy in July and I’m looking forward to it.

There’s got to be more than all this exhaustion and frustration. There’s just got to be more!!


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