Blogger’s block

It’s been forever since I last put a post out. Absolute yonks!!

I miss taking the time to blog. Not only has life been very busy, the longer I left it, the harder it was to actually write anything at all.

Anyway, I’m biting the bullet and putting this out there so here goes – Ten things that have happened since I last said anything to you all:

1) Gem is a full-on 22 month old toddler. Exciting to be around and fully entertaining. She loves to dance and starts saying “happy” when the Pharell Williams’ song with the same name comes on the radio.

2) On that same toddler note, we have the other “T” word – Tantrums!! They are full on, intense and I can confidently say that “terrible twos” doesn’t necessarily happen from a child’s 2nd birthday. It’s called “terrible twos” because it rhymes, really. For Gem, it started when she discovered she could fall down in a heap whenever she didn’t feel the need to comply.

3) I’ve done some great stuff since being back at work – great projects and also initiatives focused on gender diversity in the workplace, which have been very interesting.

4) Anniversary trip to Hong Kong was totes amaze.

5) I’ve started a new exercise routine at home. Focus T25– really intense and I feel like a million pounds when I’m done with my sessions 6 days a week.

6) I’m growing out my Afro hair. This experience isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. Having old chemically straightened hair and new Afro growth at the same time has tremendous complexities. It also offers tremendous opportunity to look fabulous once I’m fully living with one hair texture. What keeps me going – learning about the hair that I was actually born with so I can know about Gem’s hair.

7) Gem had chicken pox and it was a lot less dramatic than I expected, especially once the spots became visible.

8) Got new turf in our front lawn.


9) Still hoping to find that side hustle that means that I’m not going to work everyday feeling like a “fake”. In other words, finding that thing that I’m born to do.

10) Bought the fabulous Givenchy Antigona. Spacious, stunning and I ❤️ it loads.



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