A royal new mum

For the first time Kate Middleton seemed nervous.

Through the engagement, the wedding, she seemed totally relaxed and in control.

However, being a first time mum is tough and being a first time mum in front of the world’s media is an experience I cannot fathom with my little brain.

Her hair was nicely blow-dried with makeup on in a lovely custom-made Jenny Packham dress so definitely royal on that front as most ‘normal’ new mothers coming out of hospital struggle to include having a shower in their discharge plan.

Despite all this, apart from her being happy to show off her new-mum-belly, the thing that made her seem really normal – like most new mums – was watching her holding her child on those steps. She was smiling but she held on to him nervously as the world’s media snapped away.

Bringing Gem home was one of my most overwhelming and vulnerable experiences and I remember biting ❤Throb’s head off because I got home to find he’d washed her clothes that he’d taken from the hospital the day before in the same load with his clothes. It was an emotional time with feelings of inadequacy and I wanted it all to be perfect, which didn’t involve our daughter’s first clothes being washed with her parent’s clothes.

That has all subsequently changed and perfection is lower down on my to-do list (❤Throb might disagree with this). However, I was able to develop and grow as a new mother in our corner of North London and not on CNN or BBC news with 24 hour coverage.

I wish them every success and I hope they can enjoy the birth of their son in peace without the intensity of the world watching their every move.

Gem on arrival home from the hospital.



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