What is the point of Ms Hopkins?

She’s been at it again this week. This time saying she wouldn’t her kids hanging out with kids with certain names.

Why do we let this woman make a career from saying such nonsense?!


Last night, I was riled by my DAB radio.

I’m sitting here minding my business when I hear on LBC that Katie Hopkins – of Apprentice and I’m a celebrity fame, pictured below – is coming on the radio to talk about Vince Cable’s idea of getting more women on to company boards.


At this point, I know I should switch the radio off and focus on getting Gem to bed as opposed to listening to this woman who has annoyed me a few times in the past see this old post here.

Because I’m addicted to talk radio at the moment, I leave the radio on as I give Gem her bath.

This woman proceeds to raise a few points set out below:

– There’s no glass ceiling for women in the workplace
– The old boys’ network is something to aspire to be in because it…

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