What a week!!

It’s been an epic week.

Monday – the calm before the storm.

Tuesday – Gem’s 8-12 month check with a health visitor.

This experience was so ridiculously horrendous. I tweeted using #rage after it.

Not only did I get asked dumb questions like if I played Peakaboo with my child, the lady doing the check noted that because Gem wasn’t clapping and was only doing the belly shuffle as opposed to fully crawling, she was behind in her development.

Post on this to follow shortly.

Wednesday morning – first swimming class with Gem where she cries for the entire half hour duration of the class. She works herself up to the point where she throws up her breakfast.

Wednesday evening – Gem starts to clap on her changing table. She laughs when she sees how excited I am.

Thursday – The lawyers for our house purchase have no records of part of our deposit and stamp duty. They seem to have lost our funds.

We are due to complete tomorrow.

Are they for real?

After a more thorough search using reference numbers, they manage to track the missing funds down.

Phew! We can now complete.

Friday – We get the keys to our new digs. We drink champagne to celebrate our new life in North Herts.


Saturday – Gem develops her clapping through out the week.

She’s so amazed by her new skill and ❤Throb and I watch her on the monitor clapping away when she wakes up.

All in all an epic week.

I’m shattered and happy.


2 thoughts on “What a week!!

  1. Glad everything got sorted with your house.

    Ignore the Health Professionals, they are only going by what it says in a book. Every child develops differently

    Laura x x x

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