Magic Moment – 3 June 2013

My magic moment involves a full circle experience I had last week.

I talk so much about my book club on this blog (at least I think I do). As such I thought it would be cool to tell you about meeting the author of our last read titled Ghana must go.

Ms Taiye Selasi has written this wonderful cross-generational book that spans continents and looks at family disfunction in a very poetic and interesting way.

A few of us from the book club were fortunate enough to go to this Waterstones event where she read a few excerpts from the book, did an intimate Q&A session (where we told her about our book club) and a book signing as well.

She was witty, confident and even with her having someone like Toni Morrison (who I adore) as a personal mentor, she definitely came across as the kind of girl you would want to have in your clique.

It was a magic moment for me because it is not every day I get to meet the author of a book that not only inspired fantastic conversation at our last book club dinner but also covered key issues like child sex abuse, disfunction in black families and much more.

You should check it out if you’re into any of the themes I mention above. If you don’t believe me, check out this review here.

Taiye Selasi above

my signed book


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9 thoughts on “Magic Moment – 3 June 2013

  1. Hi just discovered your blog and love that you loved this book. I have been listening to it on audio in my car after my girls are dropped off at school. And now all I’m doing is looking for scenic routes me so I can keep listening. Now a follower.

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