Parisian weekend / A new equilibrium

Last weekend I had a fabulous girly time in Paris.


❤Throb was at a stag do in Edinburgh so we were both doing the hang-out-with-friends for the weekend thing.

It was hardcore getting there with tonnes of traffic on the Friday before the bank holiday as I dropped Gem off at her Grandma’s in Coventry.

As I unloaded the car in Cov with all Gem’s stuff, two hours to my flight time, I thought to myself:

a) I’m never going to make the flight


b) I’m pretty stressed out after being in the car for over 3 hours doing a journey that normally takes 1.5 hours. Is this worth it?

c) Should I just hang out with my Mum and Gem instead?

d) Isn’t a girly weekend a thing of the past? Am I not too old to let my hair down this much?

My postponed cab eventually arrived and I had to be hurriedly fast-tracked through Birmingham Airport security because my flight was on “final call”.

It was all so quick that I had little or no time to remember my dreams of arriving early to enjoy a pre-boarding alcoholic beverage and dinner.

By 11pm, I made it to Paris as exhausted as ever.

Chatting with Ms S until 2am over cold pizza and a bottle of red wine however made up for lost dreams.

The next day, we indulged in the best almond croissants, brioche and a general all-in-all carb fest as we scrolled through interior design websites like houzz for hours looking for house design ideas – she for her new tropical relocation and me for my new Herts digs.

Girly dinner followed by clubbing was fabulous.

I tell you something though – slumming it in flat shoes for the past 11 or so months on maternity leave made going out in heels pretty treacherous on my poor ankles and I made a decision to try to wear heels at least once a week or I’d have to be wheeled in if I left it until I returned to work in August.

I’ll say for sure though that as the weekend progressed, regardless of how much fun I was having, I seemed to get more and more anxious about not being with Gem. Not sure if it was anxiety or guilt or worry. A part of me is starting to believe that this might be the new equilibrium as a mum – missing my child the longer I’ve been away from her and then worrying until I see her again.

Final stop at the Patisserie below on the way to the airport for that all important Paris-Brest – a French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream.


I did have a blast and was refreshed and renewed when I picked Gem up from her Grandma and when I saw ❤Throb back in London.

A fabulous girly weekend, worth all the effort and one I’ll remember for a while to come.



4 thoughts on “Parisian weekend / A new equilibrium

  1. Sounds like a fabulous time! I love Paris, seems like centuries ago I was actually there though! It is hard when you’re a Mum, you can never really separate yourself from your child, they are always there in your heart and mind. But it’s so good to have some ‘you’ time, recharge your ‘me’ batteries so that you are back on full form when you are reunited! xx

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