Magic moment – 20 May 2013

I’ll start this post off by declaring blatantly that I’m not a celebrity stalker.

Magic Moment 1

Last Saturday after brunch on East Finchley High Road, ❤Throb, Gem and I are walking down the road.

We see Michelle Collins of Corrie – back in the day also in Eastenders, walking her dog. ❤Throb points her out, I excitedly smile at her. She smiles back.


Magic Moment 2

Also on Saturday, ❤Throb go out on our new compulsory monthly date night – a post holiday / anniversary action point that we intend to carry out religiously each month as long as we can get someone to babysit Gem.

After dinner at our favourite sushi joint, ❤Throb and I wandered around Golders Green looking for where to have a few drinks.

Unless you want a late night bagel, Golders Green isn’t geared up for having a cocktail or two. As such, we took the tube one stop to Hampstead, ended up in a pub to see that they had Eurovision on.

Who do we see right in front of the telly in salute to Bonnie – none other than the fabulous Gok Wan.

He was extremely down to earth and really created a lot of ambience in the pub.


It was fabulous to get the night off to hang out with ❤Throb but extra special to bump into two celebs at the start and the end of the day that seemed rather down to earth.

Although it might not be obvious, I promise you that I really am not a celeb stalker.


This a blog hop from Jaime Oliver of The Oliver’s Madhouse


7 thoughts on “Magic moment – 20 May 2013

  1. Oh I love Gok Wan! How lovely and refreshing to see celebs being down to earth and just regular people (which they are of course!) I haven’t had a celebrity spotting for ages… maybe they’re like buses though, you just need to see one to get the ball rolling! x

  2. How fun! I am terrible with celeb-spotting – I see a familiar face and grin inanely thinking we must know each other! Gok Wan at least, I would definitely recognise! Enjoy your date nights xx

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