Magic moment – 13 May 2013

An excerpt from a conversation ❤Throb and I had yesterday.

Me: It’s time for bed my darling Gem. Say goodnight to Daddy.

[❤Throb waves]

❤Throb: Goodnight Gem.

[A few seconds later]

❤Throb: OMG she’s waving back at me.

Me: Oh don’t be silly she’s not waving hon.

❤Throb: She definitely is waving.

❤Throb runs towards us to kiss her goodnight and waves again.

This time my darling daughter moves her hand up and down.

At this point, I’m still thinking she’s just moving her hand up and down but not really in response to her Dad waving to her.

Then I take her to give her a change and wave to her whilst she’s on the changing mat and right before my very eyes my daughter, raises her hand and waves right back in response to me.

It is pretty unbelievable.

I have done it again a few times since then and she has done the same thing and raised her hand and waved right back.

Pretty awesome, pretty amazing and definitely pretty magical!

This a blog hop from Jaime Oliver of The Oliver’s Madhouse



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