Magic Moment – 6 May 2013

This week my Magic Moment happened yesterday evening and involved the following three elements – My Family, Funky Dancing and Daft Punk.


Hearing a child belly laugh is magic in itself.

Hearing my Gem belly laugh makes my heart sing and there’s no such thing as a bad moment when she’s in full laugh mode with her two teeth on show. It’s more than amazing.

Yesterday, as I was listening to the singles charts in the kitchen – I’m a huge top 40 listener on a Sunday afternoon / evening – I heard Gem laughing. I walked into her bedroom to find her standing, holding on to the sides of her cot laughing at her Dad as he danced, quite frankly like a dad.

What was magical about it was the fact that I joined in jumping around in an extremely silly fashion, which resulted in Gem completely belly laughing.

I am pretty sure that my 9.5 month old was laughing at us as opposed to with us – the dancing was beyond ridiculous, I tell you.

It did make me think though.

It’s funny how before you have a child, doing silly dancing with your partner, making silly faces, jumping around on one leg are not the kinds of things that one would engage in too often. Life just gets so busy, resulting in no time for pure and silly fun.

With a child however, it’s perfectly ok to be silly and to be fine about this.

Children are amazing at just bringing out that part of you that’s been lying dormant for a while. It’s one of the reasons I believe people “forget” the tough sleepless nights, colic crying, pain of labour etc because a child just awakens those fun parts of ourselves that aren’t in use much.

Gem loved her parents dancing wildly to Daft Punk and it was pure magic to see her so happy. Since our wedding last year, I also can’t remember the last time ❤Throb and I had a bit of a boogie together so I’m thinking we had a double dose of magic yesterday, thanks Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

This a blog hop from Jaime Oliver of The Oliver’s Madhouse



9 thoughts on “Magic Moment – 6 May 2013

  1. This put a big smile on my face, and put me in a good mood. Came at the right moment, just what I needed.

    Happy bank holiday. Xoxo

  2. Fantastic! My daughter LOVES to dance and in fact she is doing it as I comment on this post. I adore their belly laughts – Grace came out with some gorgeous ones the other day when I was tickling her. Thank you for linking this lovely magic moment up to PoCoLo xx

  3. This is what I love about being a parent, it’s wonderful and fun. Yesterday I happened to bounce on the spot in the kitchen and my two little monsters not only thought it was funny but insisted that we all had to do it together 🙂 x

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