Parisian weekend / A new equilibrium

Last weekend I had a fabulous girly time in Paris. ❤Throb was at a stag do in Edinburgh so we were both doing the hang-out-with-friends for the weekend thing. It was hardcore getting there with tonnes of traffic on the Friday before the bank holiday as I dropped Gem off at her Grandma’s in Coventry. […]

Magic moment – 20 May 2013

I’ll start this post off by declaring blatantly that I’m not a celebrity stalker. Magic Moment 1 Last Saturday after brunch on East Finchley High Road, ❤Throb, Gem and I are walking down the road. We see Michelle Collins of Corrie – back in the day also in Eastenders, walking her dog. ❤Throb points her […]

Box set love

Apparently, 25% of co-habiting couples spend three evenings each week in separate rooms watching different programs. I’m not a keen Daily Mail reader but this article made me think about my own relationship and telly watching habits. ❤Throb will not sit through an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show – fact! I on the other […]

Magic moment – 13 May 2013

An excerpt from a conversation ❤Throb and I had yesterday. Me: It’s time for bed my darling Gem. Say goodnight to Daddy. [❤Throb waves] ❤Throb: Goodnight Gem. [A few seconds later] ❤Throb: OMG she’s waving back at me. Me: Oh don’t be silly she’s not waving hon. ❤Throb: She definitely is waving. ❤Throb runs towards […]

Magic Moment – 6 May 2013

This week my Magic Moment happened yesterday evening and involved the following three elements – My Family, Funky Dancing and Daft Punk. Hearing a child belly laugh is magic in itself. Hearing my Gem belly laugh makes my heart sing and there’s no such thing as a bad moment when she’s in full laugh mode […]