Not a job for one

This week Gem and I have been on our own with ❤Throb away for work.

I must admit at the start of the week – I was filled with trepidation that I’d be losing my mind by the end of the week without the adult stimulation.

However, we’ve been so busy with family visiting and doing cool stuff – like we are going to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A tomorrow – that it has actually been great.

I have realised one thing though – might seem obvious to most – this is not a one-person job.

❤Throb and I have had a few ‘discussions’ on how much needs to be done when he gets back from work etc and I’ll be honest, it usually ends up with me thinking I do mostly everything concerning Gem and the house.

This week however, I’m realising that ❤Throb giving Gem a bath or feeding her while I make dinner are far from trivial and the division of labour and adult company after a long day of caring for a child are absolutely crucial.

It’s the evenings I miss him the most – getting through bath time, eating dinner on my own after Gem has gone to bed all feel extra lonely doing it without him.

Even Gem looks out for him when she thinks he’s supposed to be back home from work.

He’s back at the end of the week so I promise to let him know that we’ve missed him.

Lesson of the week – this is not a one-person job so a big shout out to all the single parents out there.



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