Magic Moment – 8 April 2013

My Magic Moment this week is about getting the first comment on my blog.

One of my girls – Miss G – who’s a true friend and one of my biggest supporters outside of the blogging community had left comments from day one and she’s a star for that.

However, if you’re a fellow blogger, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate and you will appreciate that getting the first comment from someone that you do not know and as such is not in your phonebook is indeed a special time.

Quite frankly it was a magic moment.

It was my first comment and was definitely not my last and I choose this opportunity to be grateful for what might seem like a small beginning that was huge for me.

It motivated me to carry on blogging, working on improving my stats, getting more comments and followers as I’m nowhere near where I intend to be in the long term.

It was a comment on the post below, which I’ve set out below for you to enjoy.

If you’re a fellow blogger reading this, please comment below on the first time you got a comment on your blog, what post it was and how it made you feel.


My Magic Moment Post

This a blog hop from Jaime Oliver of The Oliver’s Madhouse


14 thoughts on “Magic Moment – 8 April 2013

  1. Comments mean so much don’t they? I love getting them, it shows the blog is being read and people enjoy what you’ve written. My blog is only 3 months old so a lot to learn yet 🙂

  2. now that in my book is most certainly a #magicmoment! its the same feeling when you finally get your first follower! I got it again when i started this linky and everyone joined in!

    Thanks for linking this up my lovely with #magicmoments

  3. Getting comments is brilliant (apart from the spammer silly ones of course!) It’s just a great feeling to know someone has read your words and didn’t want to leave with out acknowledging your efforts x

  4. Awwww, I completely understand this. I was in awe of the very first comment on my blog. I couldn’t believe that anyone actually read it. It’s such a nice feeling. Here’s to many more comments coming your way x

  5. Love comments. I can’t remember my first “real” one, which makes me sound very experienced, but I’m not. I went for ages without any and it felt like I was writing into the ether. I only started to get any when I started the blogging carnivals and networking a bit more. And don’t get me on spam….currently working on a ratio of ten spam to every real one!
    I love the shoes by the way!

  6. Comments are wonderful aren’t they? That little bit of appreciation. I’m only 3 months old in blogging years and so I can really remember that feeling – in fact I still get it with each and every one. xx

  7. The first ‘real’ comment is wonderful. It’s the appreciation that inspires lots of us to carry on blogging. I wish you every success with your blog and many more comments. x

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