£4.50 worth of valuable nerve-racking me-time

In tribute to budgets, George Osborne etc etc, I thought I’d write a post on value for money.

I went to the gym for the first time in over 8 months yesterday.

I am the kind of girl who used to gym 4 times a week before Gem arrived and even with being preggers, I was attending spinning classes until my belly got in the way.

I not only love the gym because of the physical effects, it gives me quality me-time and allows me to chump on that apple crumble every now and again in a guilt-free fashion.

Anyway, I digress!

Back to my gym experience yesterday – I decided to attempt an hour on the treadmill with Gem in the attached crèche which is in the building.

On paper, this all seems fine.

However, I totally underestimated how emotional I’d be leaving her with new people and so as I dropped her off, I had a lump in my throat.

After being more or less pushed out of the creche by Jen – the lady who was to look after Gem for the hour – to go for my workout I hit the treadmill.

I tell you – for the first half hour, I almost fell off the treadmill every time someone approached me in fear that Gem had exploded in a fit of tears and I was being summoned to exit the building with my child.

Combining this level of worry with not actually having done any exercise for 8 months was an exhausting experience and I was drenched in sweat by the end of the session.

A few highs from this hour:

– At some point on the treadmill, I realised that if no one from the creche had come to get me, Gem was fine and needed times like this to develop her independence

– I do love a good gym playlist so once I eventually settled down, I was able to sing along to some Rihanna in a breathless fashion

– It was great to go on the powerplate again as I wasn’t able to use this from when I found out I was pregnant. All that vibration isn’t good for the baby apparently.

– My mission to get Michelle Obama’s arms is seriously on detour as my arms were like jelly after trying the plank for a few seconds. However, I was able to attempt some version of the plank, which is no bad thing I guess.

By the time I ran back down to the creche after the hour, Gem had played with other kids and seemed to be getting loads of attention from Jen.

In summary, we will be doing it again.

My nerves will settle after a while and I’m hoping I can cut down the need to wear spanx on spanx after a few sessions.

£4.50 per hour for the creche and definitely worth every penny.


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19 thoughts on “£4.50 worth of valuable nerve-racking me-time

  1. Mummymuses if you are pressed for time, and worried about Gem, I suggest you try out GRIT, 30 min intense interval training class. All over body workout, efficient use of time. The class is so painful you would worrry only about Gem having a Mother with the strength to take her home after ;-). Well done for getting back into the routine xoxo

  2. It’s always great to have some me time – and what a great way to spend your time and money. I love going into my own world on the treadmill! Thank you so much for joining up to spread some #pocolo xx

  3. Michelle Obama has fantastic arms doesn’t she? She spend her entire life lifting baked beans cans or something 🙂 £4.50 for any kind of me time is definitely worth it! I think it’ll become less nerve wracking for you over time too hopefully!

    • It was better today and Gem was very into playing with the other kids by the time I got back to pick her.

      I love the name of your post btw. Very apt as most people think it’s a fun year off looking after a baby.

  4. Just found your blog via #PoCoLo – £4.50 well spent!
    I’m planning exercise classes soon, my idea of actual anxiety-filled hell, especially as I’ll be putting smallest girl into the creche for the first time but hoping it will be worth it like it was for you!

  5. If you want Michelle Obamas arms you need to lift WEIGHT!! (but then I’m biased and think all women should lift weight).

    Glad the creche worked out alright and you are getting back into the exercise routine, there is nothing like that exercise high at the end.

    Right, I came here from SIlent Sunday so I better go look at your photo!

  6. I used to use our local creche at the gym and it was a real godsend – my girls are off to school now so I have no excuses. Hopping over from PoCoLo

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