Creating a mini-me – Concerned?!!

It is so much fun dressing a girl. I mean I wake up in the morning and look forward with excitement to what Gem is going to be adorned in that day.

Some of her clothes I absolutely adore like a pair of GAP jeggings I wore relentlessly for her just because I was obsessed by it. My friends had to highlight that Gem had outgrown the darn thing.

Concerning – I know!!

As mentioned in this post, I stroll around Brent Cross and instead of obsessing over items for myself like I used to before I became a mum, I’m doing this for Gem instead. All good fun.

Interestingly though, I’m finding at the moment that I get Gem dressed and then wear something very similar.

I’ll give you an example – yesterday I wore this cool leopard-skin dress from H&M for Gem.


I then wore this French Connection snake-skin dress


I’ve done this before with her in denim shorts and cool funky tights and then find myself in shorts as well. Not in colourful child-like tights I’ll have you know. [I can hear your sigh of relief].

I love a jumpsuit as well so there are times I’m in one and she’s dressed in a onesie as well.

Oh dear! What am I doing to my child?

It started off unconsciously when I’d realise once we were out that I’d dressed us both very similar.

Now I’m aware of it I’m thinking to myself – I don’t want her to become a mini version of me or do I??

[Hmmm!!! Scratches head!]

I mean, like everyone else, I’ve got days when I get it right in terms of what I wear and days when I’m covered in Gem’s sick and can’t be bothered with looking decent. On the whole though I love fashion and hope to pass some of this love to my daughter.

I’m aware that she might not give a sh*t about fashion when she’s older but secretly I really wish she loves being a girly girl as much as I do and dresses fabulously when she’s older.

Fingers crossed she eventually ends up with a cool funky independent dress sense and teaches me more than a thing or two about fashion.

In the meantime, I’ve put her in a cool Monsoon dungaree set today so let me dig through my wardrobe to see where my dungarees are.

Ahhh – just kidding – you don’t have to call the fashion police just yet. I knew that would get you concerned.

Have a fab Friday and thanks for popping by to read my blog.



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