My first linky – yippee!! – first magic moment

Thanks to Jaime Oliver of Oliver’s madhouse I’m taking part in my first linky called Magic Moments.

So I started thinking about magic moments and what came to me was taking Gem to the cinema for the first time.

It was the early days. Gem would scream non-stop from 7pm until 10.30 or 11. It was hard and I really felt like my life had changed so much beyond recognition.

This Wednesday mummy-baby cinema trip was special because it was something I could do with Gem out of the house and feel like me again.

It was magical because I had the aha moment watching Anna Karenina when I realised that despite the feelings of isolation and loneliness that come with having a baby, our lives do go on and do change for the better.


Since then, I’ve been to the cinema so many times that the girl at the till knows my order – small sweet popcorn with a bottle of still water at room temperature – and its ready before I get to the till.

This viewing started a Wednesday activity and so all the films I’ve seen at The Phoenix with Gem since then include (in no particular order):
1) Anna Karenina
2) Silver linings playbook
3) Lincoln
4) On the road
5) Life of pi (with ❤Throb as he was home with us for the day)
6) Les Mis
7) Quartet
8) Hitchcock
9) The Master
10) The Sessions
11) Rust & Bone
12) Great Expectations (with ❤Throb as he was home with us on this day as well)

Not always magical experiences as I remember Gem screaming through the gun shot scenes of Les Mis. However, I’ll always remember the first trip.



7 thoughts on “My first linky – yippee!! – first magic moment

    • Your baby (Nancy, right?) is the perfect age to take along as she’ll sleep through the dark and warm environment. A lot of local cinemas do these mummy-baby viewings here in London and they’re great.

  1. What a cracking idea, I wish my cinema had done things like this. I sat here in isolation for months, even the mother and toddler groups were full of older children and I’d end up in the baby area on my own!

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