The new Linda Barker???

I haven’t put a post out about interior design evening course since this one so I thought I’d do a quick update.

It’s going really well.

Weeks went by when I thought I wasn’t growing or learning much or getting to know the other people in the class.

There’s such a wide range of ages and people and so I think that made it hard for people to really start chatting.

That seemed to all shift last week and this week was even better.

I’ve got the cool mum I can talk to about celebrity houses that feature in Architectural Digest and then the funky teenager who wants to talk about twitter pictures of preggers Kim Kardashian. All these conversations topped off with a dose of slagging off Justin Bieber for failing to show up on time at his gig.

All fabulous bonding discussions that are being held as we make models of our projects – see below.

It will not be obvious from the picture but I’m creating this space that will eventually have an art exhibition on the top floor with a glass balcony, kids soft play area and cafe on the ground floor, all done in a postmodern interior design style.

It’s all exciting because despite the fact that I’m in no way the next Linda Barker, for 2.5 hours every week, I’m not Gem’s mum, ❤Throb’s wife or an actuary, I’m just in a class picking up new skills and meeting new people.

This maternity leave has been more multidimensional than I originally imagined and I’m grateful for that.




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