Magic moments – 25 March 2013

I’m not feeling very magical this morning – Gem has a cold, cried for a good while last night and is showing intense signs of separation anxiety. In other words, I’m not feeling on my a-game this morning. As such, I’ve only got enough energy to scroll through old photos and this one reminded me […]

£4.50 worth of valuable nerve-racking me-time

In tribute to budgets, George Osborne etc etc, I thought I’d write a post on value for money. I went to the gym for the first time in over 8 months yesterday. I am the kind of girl who used to gym 4 times a week before Gem arrived and even with being preggers, I […]

Creating a mini-me – Concerned?!!

It is so much fun dressing a girl. I mean I wake up in the morning and look forward with excitement to what Gem is going to be adorned in that day. Some of her clothes I absolutely adore like a pair of GAP jeggings I wore relentlessly for her just because I was obsessed […]

My first linky – yippee!! – first magic moment

Thanks to Jaime Oliver of Oliver’s madhouse I’m taking part in my first linky called Magic Moments. So I started thinking about magic moments and what came to me was taking Gem to the cinema for the first time. It was the early days. Gem would scream non-stop from 7pm until 10.30 or 11. It […]

The new Linda Barker???

I haven’t put a post out about interior design evening course since this one so I thought I’d do a quick update. It’s going really well. Weeks went by when I thought I wasn’t growing or learning much or getting to know the other people in the class. There’s such a wide range of ages […]

A brand new version of me

I’m a huge Alicia Keys fan – a massive one. I think she’s beautiful, talented and writes wonderful songs. What has this got to do with anything I hear you ask? Well, this post has been inspired by the title of her latest song Brand new me(not necessarily the lyrics) and the fact that friends […]