A time for everything – Smug couples

I had totally gotten into the married-with-child state of mind, not bothering to fully engage in the romantic nature of the whole valentines vibe.

❤Throb was in fine romantic form though and booked a nice lunch and beautiful stay at this lovely hotel, organising baby-sitting for Gem and everything.

It was lovely and I said to him – “Romance would be dead without you darling“.

Last Sunday morning, we then had the task of having breakfast at this swanky establishment and that’s where we realised that having breakfast in a romantic setting filled with people staring into each other’s eyes trying to suck every bit of romance out of the weekend wasn’t going to be so easy.

I asked for a high chair for Gem and was given this one pulled out of some closet, very dirty and in need of a good anti-bacterial wipedown.

This was a swanky place but it looked like the child who last used this highchair must be like 5 years old by now. I really started wishing I’d brought my anti-bacterial wipes along with us.

Then Gem starts to munch on shreds of food very loudly and isn’t completely impressed by her banana yoghurt either.

We got some random stares. The kind that says “How dare you ruin my one romantic weekend in the year as I tuck into my Newmarket sausage?”

The stares and muffled chat came from a couple without child and the whole experience got me thinking.

1) A year ago, would ❤Throb and I have been like that?
Very possibly we would have.

2) People in this country don’t really like kids. They say they do but quite frankly would rather have them locked away and unseen so they can enjoy their boring old lives.

3) Are we confined to family-friendly holidays and weekends away going forwards?

I mean I know that our days of clubbing in Bangkok are on hold at least for the next year or so (wink! wink!) but do we need to get stared out of the breakfast room by child-free couples?

4) Everyone talks about smug marrieds. However, can’t singletons be just as smug especially when marrieds are with screaming child in tow?

There’s a time for everything – a time to be smug and childfree and that is great. There is also a time to wake up to a giddy and smiling 7-monther and to take along anti-bacterial wipes in case of filthy highchairs and grimy soft play areas.

All these different times in our lives need to be relished and thoroughly enjoyed as much as possible. Lord knows that ❤Throb and I enjoyed our pre-child days to the absolute max.

Nevertheless, we are in the process of booking future holidays and looking very carefully for the family-friendly sign so we can all munch on our scrambled eggs in peace and without feeling glared at.



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