All change please!

I am not a fan of change.

At the start of a new project or experience I’m unsettled and I feel off balance.

Once I get used to the new situation however, I then relax and start enjoying the new equilibrium.

Having a baby is a massive life change. However, I’m more settled into the role now. So what do we decide to do – upset the equilibrium and move house to a completely new area as mentioned in10 rules for successful family house-hunting .

We have found a beautiful house – no doubt about that – and I’m already excited thinking about ideas on how we can decorate each of the rooms to show our personality as a family.

However, just when I’m in my flow of understanding life as a north London musing mummy, it is all change.

I have stated my views on mummy friendships in this previous post so you can understand that a part of me is concerned that I’ve got to work my way to understanding the mummy scene in the new area.

Thinking positively though:

1) I now have a valid excuse to buy and leaf through pages of Living etc with the dream of doing up our new digs nicely.

2) I can choose to learn from my Gem of a child, as she plods through life excitedly, fully living through all that’s changing in and around her.

3) I hate change but I am done with cigarette smoke seeping through our neighbours’ floorboards into Gem’s bedroom.

Please do not get me started on the trust-fund-loafers that live next door to us at the moment.

I choose not to rant but what kind of people have a party more or less every weekend (including a Valentines Ball last weekend) and then write stupid last minute notes asking us to bear with them for their noise levels??

Regardless of whatever I feel about change it is guaranteed to happen so I’d better get comfy and attempt to enjoy the ride.



2 thoughts on “All change please!

  1. How exciting! We moved house when little man was 3m and my daughter was 20m. It was a crazy time and I wondered if we were mad, moving slightly further out of London to get more space. It has been perfect! Everyone is so friendly that meeting other mums hasn’t been difficult-there are so many playgroups, preschools and giving everyone their own room and decorating it has been so fun and given the babies so much more stability.

    If you aren’t already, get on Pinterest. House ideas galore!

    • I’ll check out Pinterest. I obsess over Architectural Digest pictures already.

      Thanks a lot.

      I’m inspired by how well you’ve settled.

      Going through all the legals, searches etc at the moment but I’ll blog about how we get on when we do eventually move.


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