Hi, my name is X and I’m distinctly average

Last weekend I felt like an average wife, average mum who had an average career. In summary, I was feeling pretty plain mediocre at being me.

It was one of those weekends when even a smile from ❤Throb could have gotten him throttled if he wasn’t careful. I just couldn’t bring myself to be nice.

Then I gave him this speech of me feeling particularly average and of course like the good husband that he is, he said nice things to make me feel better.

I then got to thinking about the whole “feeling average” thing.

My whole life I’ve worked at being top of the class. I’m the first of four kids and I had to be the role model, good at school and just generally constantly working to be better than average at stuff. There was no other way.

I first of all realised I would have to learn how to be happy with average in my career. This is because in my chosen field of work, on average there’s a very high percentage of people who just don’t fail at anything so are particularly smart and excellent at their work.

Striving to be excellent in the work environment is hard but I’m built to work hard and so I do. In this area, striving to shine usually means working all the hours that God sends and putting my back right into it.

Then came being a wife and then very quickly after that a mum – two areas where striving to be excellent can be pretty draining and is a completely different ball game, requiring different skills and behaviours. Expecting 100% from my six-monther and my free and independent thinker husband is draining and pretty much impossible at times. They are both human beings so why should they fall in line with my own idea of excellence.

I then heard this phrase:

Be average. When you try too hard to be the very best at something, it can backfire and be paralysing.

When I read this, I thought to myself – wouldn’t it be nice to just chill out, live a little without trying to ensure our home is always tidy and Gem is always bang on routine etc etc.

Seems like a freeing thought process right there.



3 thoughts on “Hi, my name is X and I’m distinctly average

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love this post – it fits right in with my recent one, like you said! From reading a little about you, I’d say you’re definitely a ‘good enough’ mother! Maybe we should try and be better at being kind to/easy on oursleves, hey…?

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