To pierce or not to pierce – that is the question

Where I’m from, girls ears are pierced more or less at birth. This act of putting a small hole in both ears in the first weeks of a baby girl’s life was done for me, my cousins, my mum and possibly all the women in my family. In fact, girls of Gem’s age back in […]

A time for everything – Smug couples

I had totally gotten into the married-with-child state of mind, not bothering to fully engage in the romantic nature of the whole valentines vibe. ❤Throb was in fine romantic form though and booked a nice lunch and beautiful stay at this lovely hotel, organising baby-sitting for Gem and everything. It was lovely and I said […]

Hi, my name is X and I’m distinctly average

Last weekend I felt like an average wife, average mum who had an average career. In summary, I was feeling pretty plain mediocre at being me. It was one of those weekends when even a smile from ❤Throb could have gotten him throttled if he wasn’t careful. I just couldn’t bring myself to be nice. […]