My current self-soothing technique

After my last rant in Mummyland – The playground mentality, I managed to finish knitting the cute hat below for Gem-of-a-daughter (aka Gem).

I find knitting really relaxing and it was nice to complete a mini project.

About three years ago, using iPhone apps, YouTube and with the help of a friend at work who is a pretty amazing knitter, I learnt how to knit. Lord knows that I’ve made some pretty horrible items – the jumper I made for Gem that unravelled as I took it off her comes to mind. However, I’ve actually made some wearable items even if I do say do myself, some of which I’ve given as gifts.


This is a Sublime Get Knotted Hat, which is generally pretty straightforward using one pair of 4mm needles, one 50g ball of Debbie Bliss teal Baby Cashmerino wool and its all in stocking stitch.

My next project is a Debbie Bliss Boat Neck Sweater for Gem and I’ll definitely be posting once it’s finished.

I think everyone needs a self-soothing mechanism and I think this is mine, at least for now. Like blogging, it’s less calorific than baking so I will keep on at it – something to enjoy while my Gem is asleep or chewing on her teether.

Please share any of your self-soothing techniques or knitting patterns either in the comment box below or with me on twitter – @amummymuses




4 thoughts on “My current self-soothing technique

  1. Ooh I love that little hat – it’s gorgeous! Knitting is a hobby which I have tried….and failed at. I’m not sure I have the patience but I can totally understand other people’s love for it and the soothing sensation it brings. I did have a little chuckle at the ‘unravelling sweater’! Thanks for linking up 🙂

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