Letter to my darling six-month old angel

My darling Gem-of-a-daughter,

This is a letter to you now you’re 6 months old – the second one I’ve written. I hope you’ll cherish these letters when you grow up.

You are a darling child – your belly laughter, how you grab my face, your excited wriggles in the morning when you wake up – all actions that make me deliriously happy.

Wow – what a difference three months makes. Emotionally, I’m definitely in a better space and I’m sure you can feel that darling. This might be because I’ve met some cool mums and socially the mummy scene seems a lot more bearable. Post natal groups, mummy-baby cinema trips, mini-Mozart and blogging have really helped.

Christmas 2012
We’ve had your first Christmas, which you more or less slept through.

In the run up to Christmas, you met Santa in Westfield Shepherds Bush and seemed oblivious to his rather long and curly beard.

I was so determined to make our first one as a family special and I think that over-perfection behaviour sapped me of some of the joy of Christmas.

Looking on the positive side however, you got loads of presents and looked super cute in your little rara skirt on Christmas day itself.

You started rolling over at 18.5 weeks and I don’t think you scared yourself but you were possibly a little shocked that you could achieve such a feat.

We started mini-Mozart classes and you seem to love them. You grab the musical instruments when they are passed round and on the whole forget about food or sleep when we are there.

You’ve always been into music and I remember you jumping up and down in my belly (before you were born) to Kanye and Jay-z performing at the BBC Hackney weekend. I knew I had a true Hip-Hop fan right there and then.

I’ve started an interior design course and you came along with me to the college to get booked in for it. You were your gem self that day (despite having not had your morning nap) and I felt it was a sign for me to go ahead and experience something new.

I started blogging and discovered a new interest that I’m enjoying tremendously. It is like a new world has been opened up to me.

You are not fully sitting up on your own yet but I feel we are not far away from you cracking this milestone.


31 December – I thought I stopped breast-feeding /expressing then. However, you still seem keen to use it as a soother/dummy every now and again.

4 January 2013 you started eating solids and chewed on a baby banana like it was one of your teething toys.

Since then, you’ve eaten absolutely everything that has been put in front of you and cry for more once it’s finished.

I’m finding the whole weaning experience enjoyable (making purees for you is fun and tasty as I taste them myself) but still daunting (am I feeding you enough? How should I reduce your milk amounts?).

Current / social affairs
Highlights of the last three months:
– Obama got re-elected after shining through Hurricane Sandy and it wasn’t a close election at all as predicted in the run up
– The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that there will be a July 2013 royal baby.
– We watched a lot of Oscar nominated movies together.
Les Mis made you miserable, with you screaming loudly on cue with every gunshot during the French Revolution scenes. The music was superb though and I think you appreciated that.

So far, stuff I know about you:
– you love to meet people and smile as you meet them
– you get very cranky when you haven’t had your naps.
– still an easy and settled child as you eat, sleep and develop without drama
– you’ve got your Daddy’s chin
– don’t like getting your hair into plaits even though this is a necessary step to looking super cute the next morning.
– you love music but loathe loud sounds like Christmas crackers being pulled, gun shots etc.

I’ll write you again in April.

Love you loads my Gem.




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