Road rage on the A1 – A day in the life of a musing mummy

On Thursday, I came face to face with road rage directed towards me with Gem-of-a-daughter in the car and it was not pretty.

We had just finished watching Les Mis and were on our way to get my eyebrows threaded when I saw this grey Peugeot through my rear view mirror, effectively trying to ram into my car.

I maintained my cool and kept my normal speed, determined that this person wasn’t going to intimidate me.

As I approached a set of traffic lights trying to go right, this car pulled up from behind me to my left and almost hit me from the side.

The driver of the car wound down and proceeded to shout at me angrily. I wound down to hear the following:

You prick. You cut me off at the last traffic lights and you know you did. You fucking prick. You in your 4 by 4!! Fuck off.

She then drove off and started tailgating the person in front of her.

I did not say anything in response to her rant as I was in shock that I was getting shouted at. I was replaying the drive so far in my mind, wondering where I could have driven so badly to offend her to this extent.

This was supposed to be a fairly drama-free trip to get my eyebrows threaded.

I was in shock that I was getting shouted and sworn at by a woman that looked like she could be a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show. She just had that vibe about her.

I thought of my Gem-of-a-daughter and was grateful that this rage was contained in the cars and this woman hadn’t followed us and done anything more sinister.

Les Mis had made Gem miserable enough – long movie and the shooting scenes did nothing to inspire happiness in my child – and so I wouldn’t have wanted her to see this mad woman screaming at her mummy.

After all of this, I then thought to myself – “I have always wanted a 4 by 4.”

My car is higher than the average car but it definitely is no Mercedes X5 or Audi Q7 – both cars I wouldn’t mind owning.

Road rage woman thought she was having a go at me but I’m pretty chuffed because she thinks my Nissan Qashqai is a 4 by 4.

Don’t say I don’t look on the bright side of life.



2 thoughts on “Road rage on the A1 – A day in the life of a musing mummy

  1. Haha, this made me laugh so much! I’m a NW London mum too and I LOVE the qashqai. My husband and I were so close to buying it but went instead for the Nissan Note (ugliest car ever) so every time I drive past a qashqai I make googly wistful eyes. I love 4x4s but not so practical on the tiny streets around us. One day…

    I do think there can be an expectation at NCT groups etc that because you’re all mums there will be this magical connection and everyone will be BFFs forever. Not so! I have two littles (aged 2 and 8months) and it has taken me this long to whittle down the groups to the people I actually like!

    Great blog-I’ll be back to read more.

    • Thanks for your comments.

      I thought long and hard before buying that car and I love it. I do however still look at bigger 4x4s wishing I was in them.

      It was funny getting shouted at by this mad woman on the A1. A trip to Mill Hill ended up being more eventful than I expected.

      I’m struggling to follow people on blogspot – I don’t think I’m engaging brain. Will try again later.

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