Learning a new skill – like mother like daughter!!

As mentioned in Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child I started my part-time evening interior design course on Tuesday and I loved it.

I also mentioned in Maximising potential that I was looking to use my daughter as my mentor as she learns and explores her world. This course is one of my ways of trying to use my maternity leave as wisely as possible and learn a new skill.

The course is different to anything I’ve ever done, has a range of types of people in terms of students and it really sparked off something in me.

As a matter of fact, there was a quick moment when I thought to myself – “This is what people mean when they say they feel a new lease of life.” Those last four words actually flashed through my head.

I totally didn’t know what to expect. I took a notebook, thinking I’d have points on soft furnishings, wallpapering etc. However, I should have taken sketching pencils and paper as it’s a lot more of sketching, perspective and drawing as opposed to a course on cushions, curtain choices or becoming the next Linda Barker.

We did a one-point perspective drawing of a kitchen with an island, bi-folding patio doors, spotlights and all the gadgets you’d find in a super-stylish house. This is my Radlett family pad haunting me all over again. See 10 rules for successful family house-hunting .

I’m a numbers person through and through so putting together a sketch design for a kitchen is quite alien to me. After spending my life in Over-achievementshire, it was nice to be in a class where I had no clue on how to get that A* as you will see in my kitchen sketch below.

I did love every minute of it though and being the girly swot that I am, I’m hoping to get some YouTube tutorial practice before the next class.

I got home at about 9.30pm, proudly showed ❤Throb my sketch and was so wired up that I could hardly sleep.

He had put Gem-of-a-daughter to sleep by the time I got back and I could only stare at my angel sleeping peacefully. I missed her and will on future Tuesdays when I go to the class.

I do however hope that she’d be proud that her mama was putting herself out there, trying something new and feeling extremely alive as a result of it. I’m sure she will relate as she’s always learning new skills and putting herself out there on a daily basis without any fear of failure.




2 thoughts on “Learning a new skill – like mother like daughter!!

  1. Loving the sketch, now I know who to call on to design my new kitchen 😉

    Well done mummymuses for taking this next step..


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