Gratitude list – no 2

By the end of last week, I definitely fell off the positivity wagon – no doubt about that. See Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child.

So starting again on this positivity journey, today’s items I’m thankful for:

1) Gem’s cute little Jojo Maman Bebe woollie dress. I’ve been waiting for single digit temperatures to unleash her into it. She looks like those kids in a Gap advert and of course I’m not biased at all.

2) A fabulous West End lunch with my darling friend Mr F. Scallops never tasted so good.

Bumping into my friend Serious Girl and her bump afterwards on Piccadilly.

3) Meeting a like-minded mum at mini-Mozart.

Apart from the fact that we seem to have a few things in common – career women learning the ups and downs of being new mums – she actually wants to meet up and do stuff with the kids as opposed to just meet up, compare babies’ poo and compete on whether or not their baby is flying or crawling yet as mentioned in Mummyland Besties.

4) Nice Sunday lunch with ❤Throb’s uni mates and their wives.

We used to be three couples meeting up for lunch or dinner but now we are three couples with two kids and one bump. What a difference fourteen months makes.

5) Weaning Gem seems to be going well.

She seems to be enjoying every flavour I’ve thrown at her so far and I hope this continues.



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