Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child

I should start this post off with a disclaimer:
Please note that despite labelling myself as a mummy who muses, this is more of a rant than a musing piece.

Now that I’ve put that out there, I can commence.

As I said in Maximising potential , in addition to looking after Gem-of-a-daughter (aka Gem), I am looking at ways to ensure I use this maternity leave as wisely as possible. As such, I have decided to register for an interior design part-time evening course in a local further education college.

This is an area that has always interested me and if we do eventually move into the desired family home, as mentioned in 10 rules for successful family house-hunting , I’m hopeful the skills I learn could come in handy.

I digress.

So, I’m sitting in the reception area, playing with Gem, waiting to be called to pay for the class, when this woman sitting nearby proceeds to ask me if my daughter is too hot, as I’ve not taken her coat off.

Okay!! Here I am minding my business. My child isn’t sweating or crying or complaining. In fact, quite the contrary. She’s giggling away and trying to eat my face.

So, I’m sure you will understand why I was a little shocked. I did however respond politely and I said “She’s fine. Thank you very much.”

Quite frankly, I wish I had said – “if I decide to leave my daughter’s coat on when it’s 2 degrees or 45 degrees outside, I’m 100% sure it is none of your business.”

I’m fed up with people choosing to help me raise my child when I haven’t asked for any such help.

It’s the same way people see Gem sucking her thumb and proceed to yap on at me about how hard it is to stop in the future etc etc.

That is another good instance when I want to say [In shouting voice] I DO NOT NEED YOUR ADVICE SO GO AWAY AND BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE WHO CARES TO LISTEN!!!!

It’s almost as if people see you with a child and automatically assume that you need they’re help and they have a right to educate you on how to be a mother.

There are few other areas in life where people feel the need to give you such unwanted direction so why do they choose to go this way in an area that at times could be quite daunting, filled with insecurity etc etc??

Having a child is a time when you do need help and support but surely not from randoms.

I know these people don’t mean harm and sometimes they are only trying to make conversation. However, I find it quite annoying and it’s definitely more than a pet hate.

Believe it or not, despite what I have said above, I’m trying to stay open though as I know that I could get that piece of advice that I really need when I least expect it.

I will nevertheless end this by saying that after questioning me on my daughter’s perceived temperature issues, this woman proceeded to wear her nice warm-looking coat.

Enough said!!



6 thoughts on “Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child

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