Gratitude List – no 1

I’ve been in this glass half-empty funk recently – focusing on the not-so-positive things going on in my life.

I then found out about and got inspired by the following fellow mummy blogger, thisdayilove who blogs about what she loves each day – definitely more of a half-full kind of mentality.

As such, I’m looking to do a gratitude list of five things that I’m grateful for every other day. I think this will help me mindfully look out for things to be grateful for.

Here’s my first list, which is based on yesterday’s activities:

1) Watching Quartet at the local baby-mummy Wednesday viewing. Real feel-good movie and my local cinema is such a baby-friendly place.

2) Hanging out with one of my mummy friends for a coffee afterwards.

3) Being able to get my Gem of a daughter’s hair in little plats to stop it getting to tough to comb through. She looks tres cute as I comb it out into an afro afterwards.

4) Store assistant in Rigby & Peller Sloane Sq agreeing to keep a bra I’m looking to buy until the price drops to 75% off and then calling me next week sometimes when this happens so I get to pay the lower price.

5) Cooking a lovely grilled red snapper meal for ❤Throb and me.



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