10 things that have kept me sane as a new Mum

In addition to a supportive ❤Throb, in no particular order of preference, the following items have ensured a sane version of ‘me’ walks around the streets of North London since the arrival of my Gem of a daughter:

1) Talk radio – LBC’s James O’Brien, BBC London’s Vanessa Feltz and Woman’s Hour.
A great way to keep on top of current affairs while changing Gem’s nappy or doing the dishes and other mundane tasks as described in The apparent mundanity of mummyhood.

I do email or text in my views from time to time and I promise to blog about it when I do pluck up the courage to call in.

2) Sky plus and BBC iplayer
Superb inventions, which ensure I can catch up on my favourite shows when convenient

3) Local baby and mummy cinema trips
I wouldn’t have watched any films without this over the last 6 months. Very helpful and one of the first things I did that really made me feel like me when Gem of a daughter arrived.

4) Gem of a daughter’s giggles and general progress

Her ability to belly laugh and smile with total strangers completely amazes me.

5) Book club
The girls have been fantastic and being able to read the books has been such escapism.

6) Twitter
Where would I be without twitter? Not sure this experience would have been the same.

7) Blogging
Loving it! Loving it! Loving it!

8) Meeting up with girlfriends when I can
Actually feels fresh and new when I do get the opportunity to see my girls.

9) The Olympics and Paralympics
I will never forget the Summer of 2012 not only for the birth of my daughter but also for the fantastic vibe of the Olympics and Paralympics.

10) Good, supportive postnatal groups
Uncompetitive places to be honest, talk through uncertainties and to be me.


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