The apparent mundanity of mummyhood

I’ve finally cracked the perfect synonym for how I feel some days living life as a new mum.

The Hurt Locker

The 2007 Kathryn Bigelow Oscar-winning movie.

This excellent movie, which I thought I’d hate by the way, shows soldiers who are part of a bomb disposal team in Iraq, working through some pretty intricate circumstances. In particular, Jeremy Renner’s character absolutely loves his job, does not seem to be scared of death and definitely lives on the edge in the last month of their tour of duty, to the concern of his subordinates.

It’s quite a movie and quite interesting that Kathryn Bigelow managed to win the first female best director Oscar for such a masculine-type movie.

Mundane living

Now let me be clear – I was not detonating bombs of any kind for a living before my daughter came along. I’m also not a soldier nor do I have a dangerous life-threatening job. I believe that the similarities to my mummy life come in at the end of the film, when Jeremy Renner’s character (William James) is in a supermarket aisle faced with different kinds of breakfast cereal and bored with his life, he seems to be unable to make a decision on what cereal to buy.

This is a man that makes life and death decisions with respect to bomb disposal in Iraq and then after his tour of duty is over, he gets back home and apparently simple decisions seem difficult for him. The scene after this, you see him go back to Iraq because he’d rather be faced with that high of being on the frontline in Iraq than the mundanity of his day to day life back home in the States.

The choices in his Iraq role are limited to life and death and he seems to relish this high.

Before I became a Mum, my job involved managing teams on some exciting financial projects. It was not always exciting and there were some pretty mundane and very dull days. Nowadays, in contrast, on the surface of it, if I’m lucky I might have to make a decision on whether to buy the Active Fit Pampers nappy or the one that advertises its super dry capabilities with the baby sleeping peacefully on the package.

All in all, a different life and not always as exciting as described in Steppin out without a baby.

Let’s get this straight – I’m not fully in love with my job. In fact, I found it frustrating and unnecessarily intense a lot of the time. In addition to this, I enjoy looking after my daughter and continue to enjoy it more and more.

However, I can’t help but feel that maternity leave involves some pretty mundane activities that need to be carried out day after day after day and I miss some of my friends at work dearly because if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll realise that I haven’t really made many Mummyland Besties.

I’m not ready to go back to work either so I’m really in a musing place on this one.

Getting comfortable with the extra ordinary

A part of me feels like I should get comfortable with what I’m defining as mundanity because not only is life as exciting as I make it but with looking after a child, it’s the little things that matter – seeing a cold get better or watching her first roll over or seeing her chew on a banana for the first time. All of this might not seem like leading a cutting edge financial project but its a lifelong task to raise a quality human being to unleash onto society.

When my daughter is belly laughing because I’m dancing around with her new Minnie Mouse toy to One Direction I realise I’ll swap snazzy financial projects to hear her laugh again and again a thousand times over and that is completely not mundane at all – in fact, if you ask me, it’s quite extraordinary!!



5 thoughts on “The apparent mundanity of mummyhood

  1. Hi, just popped over from Britmums. Think most of us can identify with how you feel. I miss the stimulation of work and the people which is why I got into blogging. Got to love the little things that they do – and giggles are the best x

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