The Simple Life

It might seem a bit weird as you read this under a header with a pair of Louboutins but I am amazed about how much I’ve settled into life on limited maternity pay aka earning less than I would normally.

Over a year ago, when I found out I was pregnant, one of my key dreads / areas of uncertainty with respect to maternity leave was not earning a salary as I’d come to know it.

I’ve been in full time employment for over 13 years and I must say that it felt particularly daunting to start a life where I would have to rely financially on my husband.

The kinds of questions that floated around in my mind were as follows:
– Would I have to ask ❤Throb for contributions to my shoe and bag fund?
– How would conversations about my 5th French Connection trip in the month go? I mean ❤Throb is a perfectly reasonable man but even he would struggle to understand why I need my 6th black French Connection jumpsuit.

I think the reason things seem to be fine is mainly because I’ve simplified my life heavily. I’m not wondering around the Brent cross concourse looking for that sale sign. I’m not out every week drinking ridiculously expensive West End cocktails and I’m not buying daily EAT soups and Starbucks flat whites.

I also spend a lot less. Buying a new pair of Loubs whilst being on maternity leave just seems unnecessary. I am not in any way a celeb like Victoria Beckham and so I’m not pushing my gem in her bugaboo prancing around in red soles. It’s more a Hunter welly kinda of job these days.

However, I’m sure that I do spend on my daughter now and that’s someone I wasn’t spending on this time last year. Instead of French Connection and Topshop, I’m in Jojo Maman Bebe, coveting that cute 9-12 month waterproof all-in-one that zips pretty easily and wondering when their ‘sale’ signs will come up.

Apart from that, I’m looking into experiences more with my baby girl and not just spending money on more stuff I don’t need. She’s growing up so fast so I want to fill my memories with all the stuff I got to do with her in her first year of life.

In summary, I will say that I’ve learned some good habits so far like realising that I don’t need to buy a series of new outfits every month to feel on my A-game.

Can I keep these habits up?? Well, only time will tell, I guess. I’m sure my friends reading this will remind me of this post when they see me in a brand new French Connection top.



3 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. Ey up, I’ve just found you through and clicked through to here. Looks cool! Anyway thought I’d leave a comment to say if you get chance, please check out my free printables (with activities and all sorts). Hey! If you want to blog about it even better 😉 let me know what you think. Take care, Kerry

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