Mummyland – the need to show up, be honest and support each other

Not only has blogging been an extremely cathartic learning experience for me, I’ve been able to come across some bloggers that just get it!! I stumbled on the Mummykindness blog – through Brit Mums and it has really opened my eyes to the need for kindness and honesty as a mum. Kindness and honesty to […]

My current self-soothing technique

After my last rant in Mummyland – The playground mentality, I managed to finish knitting the cute hat below for Gem-of-a-daughter (aka Gem). I find knitting really relaxing and it was nice to complete a mini project. About three years ago, using iPhone apps, YouTube and with the help of a friend at work who […]

Mummyland – The playground mentality

Am I the only one that thinks that the mummy scene is a bit like being back in school – gossips, self-appointed leaders, dumb ass followers, the works! I saw a couple of the antenatal (NCT) girls today and it was just plain dull and felt like being thirteen again. Let me give you a […]

Road rage on the A1 – A day in the life of a musing mummy

On Thursday, I came face to face with road rage directed towards me with Gem-of-a-daughter in the car and it was not pretty. We had just finished watching Les Mis and were on our way to get my eyebrows threaded when I saw this grey Peugeot through my rear view mirror, effectively trying to ram […]

Learning a new skill – like mother like daughter!!

As mentioned in Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child I started my part-time evening interior design course on Tuesday and I loved it. I also mentioned in Maximising potential that I was looking to use my daughter as my mentor as she learns and explores her world. This course is one of my […]

Gratitude list – no 2

By the end of last week, I definitely fell off the positivity wagon – no doubt about that. See Unwelcome advice on how to raise my child. So starting again on this positivity journey, today’s items I’m thankful for: 1) Gem’s cute little Jojo Maman Bebe woollie dress. I’ve been waiting for single digit temperatures […]