Maximising potential

In addition to being a musing mum from North London, I’m a telly addict and I have watched a heck of a lot of telly on this maternity leave whilst looking after my little gem.

So now that Louis Smith has won Strictly, James Arthur won X-factor and some of my favourite telly shows are over until the next series (sob! sob!), I really need to start thinking about achieving my potential.

Yes – over this year off work as I look after my gem of a daughter, as I watch her achieve her own milestones like crawling, walking etc, I’m going to use her as a role model to achieve milestones of my own, break down mental barriers and do something new.

To her, the world is fresh and new and she is just taking it all in with such vigour and excitement. Therefore, in this respect, my five month old child is a mentor to me.

In terms of maternity leave achievements / dreams so far, raising my little gem is a dream come true. Before I had over thirty fibroids surgically removed in 2010, the thought of raising a child with ❤Throb who was then my boyfriend felt like a very distant dream. As such, I’m indeed grateful.

This past week however, I articulated at one of my postnatal groups that the only way in my mind I’d be able to be an amazing mum was to maximise my potential in other areas of my life alongside looking after my gem. This is because I believe that I’m more than just a mum.

In terms of massive life changes – This year has been extremely busy with getting married and merging lives with ❤Throb in the first half and having a daughter in the second half so there’s a part of me that thinks chilling out to soak it all in is not a bad idea.

In saying that, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t listen to that voice on the inside of me that seems to suggest that there must be more for me to achieve over this year?

I’m one of these people who is always looking forward to the next achievement. It keeps me going and gives me something to work towards. At the moment, I am not sure if maximising potential means doing big, huge, life-changing stuff or if even the little things get counted.

In terms of stuff that might seem little, I didn’t always set out to write a mummy blog but here I am, doing this and surprisingly really enjoying it. This does not feel big enough to be on a bucket list but it is a small way of articulating my thoughts over the year and who knows where it would lead me on this journey of trying to live life to the fullest.

Some women feel completely fulfilled by doing the SAHM- thing. They meet their newborn babies and are 200% sure that they were born to be mums, giving up careers, etc. There is nothing wrong with this and I admire these women (or men) for finding their true calling.

At the moment, I on the other hand wish I was that woman who had that fantastic business idea that I could start to develop over this maternity leave. It feels a way for me to work towards achieving my potential.

I am not fully clear on the business idea or what else I would like to achieve over the year off outside of raising my daughter. I mean in respect of her, I want to watch her grow, enjoy her reaching her own milestones, not missing any of it and I think I’m doing well there. This is a special time and I will only get the chance to raise my first child over her first year once.

What I do know for sure is that the more I ask the question of what my potential could be, the higher the chance of me getting a response. So, in between watching the new series of Dancing on Ice, I’ll keep asking, researching, mind-mapping on possible ideas and I will let you know how I get on. Who knows where I’ll end up?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. You can always tweet me on @amummymuses with your suggestions or comments.



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