Steppin out without a baby

I went out yesterday with my darling ❤Throb and we had a blast – our first major outing without our daughter.

I know I’ve been starved of adult outings when I’m dancing to Olly Murs’ Trouble-maker like there’s no tomorrow. Even Girls Aloud’s new song sounded like a seasoned hit!!

❤Throb and I never really care if we are the only ones on the dance floor – quite frankly, our aim last night was to have as much fun as possible no matter how cheesy the music was and a mention from the DJ proved we’d achieved this.

Being a Mummy has made me appreciate time out alone with my husband in ways that I possibly did not before and I’m grateful for that.

I did miss my little gem of a child and I was on BBM a bit checking with my Mum that she was still breathing. All in all, it was good to have time to step out with my original baby – the one and only ❤Throb.

Looking back to some five months ago, after being sawn in half, with hormones all over the place and my emotions in a funk, I couldn’t see a time when I’d be rocking out in Loubs, dancing to Girls Aloud. Hence, gratitude galore from me.

On another note, I didn’t realise the world of conversations that would open up with having a child. People just seem happy to go on about their kids so easily and as such, it means that people that might not have seemed so easy to kick off a conversation with in the past become fabulous to talk to. No one tells you this before you have kids.

In saying that though, I hope it is not a sign of having nothing else to talk about. Lord knows that I’m still keen to not go down the route where all traces of my pre-baby personality get obliterated by that “oh didn’t I tell you I’m a mum” demon. That seriously freaks me out.

Loads of love



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