6 months in and loving it!

I’m at the point on this maternity leave when I know in my heart that I’ve got to do something other than obsess (oops sorry focus) on my daughter.

The book club girls suggested blogging and so did Mrs F. ❤Throb thinks I should focus on thinking of business ideas as well – I just don’t seem to have any.

Anyway, based on all my years of journalising, this blogging should be easy, right? Putting thoughts down is always cathartic but putting them down for others to read is anything but easy.

However, I’m going to have to blog now because I’ve got the WordPress app and that is definitely a point of no return. ❤Throb helped with the blog name and here we are.

On this blog, I’ll tell you about my life in North London as a mummy to a beautiful baby girl who is now almost 5 months old – The highs, lows, mundane and the truly exciting moments we have.

Join me on this truly fabulous journey as A musing Mummy.

Loads of love



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